Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ann Arbor Bucket List

In 30 days, I will be officially done. After playing with the idea of dropping out and being convinced not to (Thanks Em!), I've decided to forge on and complete the journey I entered upon in August of 2007. I've started to compile my "Ann Arbor Bucket List," the things I must do before I leave....

1. Taste the wonders of Insomnia Cookies (preferrably sometime after 12 AM with milk outside Markley)
2. Paint the Rock (tentatively set for April 17th)
3. Rick's + Skeepers + LIVE --> All in one night
4. Go kayaking
5. Swim at the IM building - I believe this is where Phelps trained
6. "The Imprint" =)
7. To be continued...